Professor Joel Williams
was presented by SART of Asheville, NC
Owen Theatre at Mars Hill College
in 2014
July 16-20
July 24-27
July 31-August 3

We were so proud of this play and the attention it brought to the North Shore Cemeteries, families and their plight.  We were honored to be invited to the first reading of the play at Mars Hill, when it was picked as one of the best plays to be put on by SART.  We also attended the production of the play at Mars Hill and enjoyed the reception that followed.  The play was also presented at Appalachian State University by Joel’s theatrical group.  We had the please of attending this production. 
It had a great combination of history, a love story, mystery, suspense and a little comedy - all  making for an unexpected ending.  Who knows, we may see it as a movie one day.


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Brian & Christina
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Professor Joel Williams and associate waiting on boat ride across to cemeteries to begin interviews.
Story line below for the play ‘PROMISES’.

Christina Cooke, reporter, interview some of those attending decorations for article published  in Oxford American Magazine fall 2015.
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  • July 16, 2014
  • Joseph, a 67-year-old man sets out on a journey to fulfill a request made by his dying mother and comes to understand the truth of his own personal history. Letters and artifacts that once belonged to his parents instigate flashback episodes that reveal complex relationships and secrets that were hidden from Joseph for most of his life. His father loved two women. One gave him life; the other raised him as her own. The play deals with love, loss, betrayal, reconciliation and promises both kept and broken

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Joel Williams arriving at Bone Valley Decoration with 3 of the actors who have parts in the play ‘PROMISES’.  Joel wanted them to see the area and meet some of the families so that they would have a better  understanding of the plays backdrop.

Come and attend one of our cemetery decorations.  Go to our SCHEDULE PAGE for listing and dates of Decorations.  Bring a covered dish to share or your own packed lunch and your drink. We would love to have you at any decoration.

Christina Cook, a freelance reporter had an article published in Oxford American Magazine in fall of 2015.
To read this article in its entirety go to


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Located on the north shore of Fontana Lake in Swain County, NC.  Now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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