We are so very glad that something has been published to show everyone just a small glimpse of what was below the waters of Fontana Lake and on the North Shore of Fontana, before it was constructed, and the lands turned over the the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 
The book, Growing up on Hazel Creek, has been a surprising success.  In only 3 weeks, Lee sold 3/4 of her first order with only the local newspapers helping to pass the word.  It is amazing how many people, outside of the families of former residents of the area, want to know about Hazel Creek and the Fontana Basin Area.
Pictures and more pictures, help us who did not live there, see families, businesses, towns, schools, churches that are only talked about by our family members and friends.  They help us see, what they see when they talk about Hazel Creek and area. Get your copy today.  For Special Price, Call Lee at 828-456-3298 or 828-421-1332 She will ship a book right to you.

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We are proud to announce that Lee’s book
 “Growing up on Hazel Creek”
is published and now on sale.
It is 644 pages of wonderful pictures of the area prior to 1944 and the building of Fontana Dam with the creation of Fontana Lake.  The land today is included in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
 There is a little history, several stories from people who grew up in the area and info on the area today. 
For a copy, call Lee at 828-456-3298 or you may order on line at CSABOOKS.com 

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Thanks to Smoky Mountain Times (above), The Sylva Herald (left) and The Mountaineer-The Guide for all the publicity they have given on the Growing up on Hazel Creek Book.

Christina Cook, a freelance reporter had an article published in Oxford American Magazine in fall of 2015.
To read this article in its entirety go to


We are proud to announce that Lee’s book
 “Growing up on Hazel Creek”
is published
 and now on sale.
For more information about this book and how to obtain one for you and your family, go to BOOK INFO page.

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Located on the north shore of Fontana Lake in Swain County, NC.  Now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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