Below are a list of people who are buried in Bone Valley Cemetery-taken at the time of the Grave relocations for Fontana Dam

Name                      Born        Died
Cook, Julie             1907        1909
Laney, Marr Grace 1901        1918
Marr, Infant
Laney, Infant
Brooks, Frank                        1929
Brooks, Maxine                      1929
Crisp, Earle                            1925
Cook, Marion (Inf)                  1885
Martin, Roy Lee     1907         1908
Cook, William (Inf)                   1901
Laney, Nancy                          1918
Brooks, Greenberry                1912
Hall, Fons
Wright, Infant
Wright, Phillip                          1912
Bowers, Tildia                          1923
Bowers, Infant                          1924
Newman, John T 0-1897
Laney, Mark 0-1918
Laney, P.G. 0-1915
Branuner, Infant 1903-19__
Branuner, Infant 1900-19__
Stewart, Unidentified 19__
Stewart, Unidentified 9__
Stewart Twins-19__
Pittman, Amos 1901-19__
Dills, Infant 1925-19__
Wright, Mary 1903-19__
Medlin, Marion Allen 1890-1896
Wright, Francis 1900-1923
Tipton. Frank 1898-1924
Wilson, John 1895-19__


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Christina Cook, a freelance reporter had an article published in Oxford American Magazine in fall of 2015.
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Located on the north shore of Fontana Lake in Swain County, NC.  Now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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