Departure Location


April the 4th Sunday 
      April 28,2019

Branton & Lower Noland

Parking Lot Noland Creek
then drive to campground

10:00 AM

May the lst Sunday
     May 5, 2019

Woody & Hoyle

Wilderness Marina
Directions at bottom

9:30 AM

May the 2nd Sunday
      May 12, 2019

Orr Cemetery

Drive - Cross Dam (old Hwy

10:00 AM

May the 3rd Sunday
     May 19, 2019

Payne Cemetery

 Drive -Cross Dam (old Hwy. 288)

10:00 AM

May the 3rd Sunday
      May 19, 2019


Cable Cove

9:30 AM

June the 1st Sunday
      June 2,2019

Pilkey & Posey

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

June the 2nd Sunday
      June 9, 2019

Calhoun, Walker & Wike

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

   Also June the 2nd Sunday
       June 9, 2019

Conner & Styles

Road to Nowhere

2:00 PM

June the 4th Sunday
       June 23, 2019

Bone Valley & Hall

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

July the 1st Sunday
       July 7, 2019

Proctor & Bradshaw

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

July the 3rd Sunday
       July 21, 2019

Fairview & Cook

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

August the 1st Sunday
       August 4, 2019

Cable Branch

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

August the 3rd Sunday
      August 18, 2019

Higdon & McCampbell Gap

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

September the 1st Sunday
       September 1, 2019

Welch & McClure

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

September the 3rd Sunday
September 15, 2019

Former Residents of Hazel Creek and Fontana Area Reunion



Sept. the 4th Saturday -Sept 28

Mitchell Cemetery

Cable Cove

9:30 AM

October the 2nd Sunday -
      October 13, 2019
our last decoration for the year.

Wiggins & Noland Creek

Parking Area Noland Creek

10:00 AM

2019 Schedule of Cemetery Decorations
Please bring flowers for each cemetery.  Contact a committee member if you want to buy a grave marker.   $45.00 for head marker  $10.00 for foot marker.

Directions to Wilderness Marina
Take the Bryson City Exit on Hwy. 23/74
Will pass McDonalds on left- go under the first redlight.  At the 2nd redlight, turn LEFT - will pass Ingles on your right.
Go to top of hill, turn RIGHT on to road toward Mountain View Manor Nursing home
Stay straight on this road for about 3 miles
Turn RIGHT on a road that goes up the mountain.
Go approximately 2 miles, take the next paved road to the RIGHT.
(at this point you might see a Wildlife sign) this road leads to the lake
(If anyone sees anything wrong in these directions, please email us)
 It is hard to give directions, like David said, when the roads are not named. 


                          Contact information for officers of The North Shore Cemetery and Historical Association
          Helen C. Vance                      Mildred C. Johnson                 Leeunah V. Woods                   Verna Kirkland
        Sylva, NC                            Andrews, NC                         Waynesville, NC                    Bryson City; NC
      828-586-4898                      828-321-4951                         828-421-1332                        828-488-
                                     or email us at

PETS  are not allowed on the trails to the cemeteries in the GSMP.

If you attend one of the decorations, be sure and bring a covered dish to share with everyone.  We do have some individuals who bring their own picnic lunch - but they really miss out on some great food.
If you plan on attending the decoration and can play a musical instrument such as a banjo or guitar--please feel free to bring it with you and accompany our singers.  We are so sadden to say that a lot of our original musicians are now unable to attend the decorations due to health and the difficulty in access to the cemeteries at their advancing years.  We would love to have someone step up and become our new musicians. Thanks


Christina Cook, a freelance reporter had an article published in Oxford American Magazine in fall of 2015.
To read this article in its entirety go to


We are proud to announce that Lee’s book
 “Growing up on Hazel Creek”
is published
 and now on sale.
For more information about this book and how to obtain one for you and your family, go to BOOK INFO page.

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Located on the north shore of Fontana Lake in Swain County, NC.  Now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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North Shore Cemeteries

Welcome to the official site of
The North Shore Cemetery Association and North Shore Historical Society

2017 NEWS and INFO
We have a couple of exciting things going on in the Association.  Keep Watching.  We will be sharing the NEWS with you as time progresses.  We are excited about this spring.  Will Share AS SOON AS WE CAN.