Departure Location


April the 4th Sunday 
      April 26, 2020
Reschedule for October 11, 2020

Branton & Lower Noland

From Lakeshore Drive, Noland Creek Parking Area, access road, drive upstream to Campsite #64

This decoration has been reschedule to Oct. 11, 2020 due to Covid 19 Virus

May the lst Sunday
     May 3, 2020
CANCELLED due to Covid 19

Woody & Hoyle

Cable Cove at 7:30AM
Wilderness Marina (from Bryson City, take US 19 South to Old US 19 on right, then right onto Buckner Creek, which will become Laurel Branch.  Turn right onto Round Hill and then another right onto Greasy Branch to end at boating access area.)

From Cable Cove at 7:30am
at Wilderness Marina at 9:30 am

May the 2nd Sunday
      May 10, 2020
Can go on your own, do not have to cross lake.   

Orr Cemetery

From NC 28, 4 miles below Fontana Dam, turn right onto Old 288, l mile to cemetery.

10:00 am

May the 3rd Sunday
      May 17, 2020
CANCELLED due to Covid 19

Cable Cemetery

Cable Cove  (Directions to Cable Cove) NC 28 North from US 74 at Almond for about 15 miles to Cable Cove Road on right and go to boat ramp.

First Boat leaves 9:00am
Last Boat leaves 10:00am

May the 3rd Sunday
        May 17, 2020
Can go on your own, does not require crossing the lake

Payne & Orr
(same day as Cable)

Cross Fontana Dam toward Lakeshore Trailhead, turning left onto Old 288- 1/2 mile to cemetery. (Directions above to Payne) These to are by car.

Payne 2:30pm
Orr by Car 4:00pm

May the 4th Sunday
        May 24, 2020

Lauada Cemetery

West on Hill at eastern intersection of NC 28 & 74. 

Drop in Decoration on Memorial Day weekend

June the 1st Sunday
      June 7, 2020
CANCELLED due to Covid 19 virus

Pilkey & Posey

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 9:00am
Last boat leaves 10:00am

June the 2nd Sunday
      June 14, 2020
CANCELLED due to Covid 19 virus

Calhoun, Walker & Wike

Cable Cove
This trip is limited to 20 participants.  Please contact Henry Chambers or call 706-896-2183 to sign up.

9:30 am
One boat-no one will be allowed to board without confirmation

June the 4th Sunday
       June 28, 2020

Bone Valley & Hall

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 8:30am
Last boat leaves 10:00am

July the 1st Sunday
       July 5, 2020

Proctor & Bradshaw

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 9:00am
Last boat leaves 10:00am

July the 3rd Sunday
       July 19, 2020

Fairview, Nelms & Cook

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 9:00am
Last boat leaves 10:00am

August the 1st Sunday
       August 2, 2020

Cable Branch

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 9:00am
Last boat leaves 10:00am

August the 3rd Sunday
      August 16, 2020

Higdon & McCampbell Gap

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 8:30am
Last boat leaves 10:00am

September the 1st Sunday
       September 6, 2020

Welch & McClure

Cable Cove

First boat leaves 8:30am
Last boat leaves 9:30am

September the 3rd Sunday
September 20, 2020

North Shore Reunion

There will be a reunion today.  See top right on this page.
DEEP CREEK Picnic Pavilion

10:00am - 2:00pm

Sept. the 4th Saturday -
        Sept. 28.2020

Mitchell Cemetery

Cable Cove


October the 2nd Sunday -
      October 11, 2020
our last decoration for the year.

Upper Noland (Wiggins)

Backcountry Campsite #64.  Follow directions to Lower Noland at top of list.

10:00 am

October the 2nd Sunday
      October 11, 2020

Stiles & Conner
Branton & Lower Noland

Off Lakeview Drive, Access Trail about 3/4 mile before Noland Creek Parking Area on left, down hill side of road


2020 Schedule of Cemetery Decorations
Please bring flowers for each cemetery.  Contact a committee member if you want to buy a grave marker.   $45.00 for head marker  $10.00 for foot marker.

       Contact information The North Shore Cemetery and Historical Association
      Henry Chambers                         Leeunah V. Woods                   Verna Kirkland
                                                       Waynesville, NC                    Bryson City; NC
      706-896-2183                                828-421-1332                        828-488-
                                     or email us at

PETS  are not allowed on the trails to the cemeteries in the GSMP.

If you attend one of the decorations, be sure and bring a covered dish to share with everyone.  We do have some individuals who bring their own picnic lunch - but they really miss out on some great food.
If you plan on attending the decoration and can play a musical instrument such as a banjo or guitar--please feel free to bring it with you and accompany our singers.  We are so sadden to say that a lot of our original musicians are now unable to attend the decorations due to health and the difficulty in access to the cemeteries at their advancing years.  We would love to have someone step up and become our new musicians. Thanks


PLEASE, always check Facebook/NorthShoreCemeteries and North Shore Cemetery Decorations
 for latest information and cancellations.
Storms, flooding, resource damage, and government shutdowns can affect decorations.
Wear sturdy footwear and clothing suitable for hiking, please no pets.  Additional info on Facebook.
Please note:  Wike, Walker, & Calhoun is a limited trip due to time & distance.  Priority will be
given to family and first time participants.   Sign up between April 15 - June 1.  Confirmation
will be sent by June 7th.  4 alternates are accepted to fill any cancellations.
Mitchell is a Saturday decoration at the request of the family
Orr Decoration and Reunion is on 2nd Sunday in May (Mother's Day weekend)
May 3rd Sunday: Cable, Payne, & Orr- times are for NSCA participants
Conner & Stiles:  New Date, moved from 2nd Sunday in June to 2nd Sunday in October
Decorations consist of 'decorating' the cemetery, followed by a short service of song and devotion
No Pets!
  Service animal allowed with vests and proper documentation.
You are asked to please stay with the group as some have been left behind after going 'hiking'.

Due to the Covid 19 virus in 2020, a lot of our decorations have been rescheduled or cancelled. Please check the note to the side of the schedule for further information.


The North Shore Cemetery Association will be hosting a down scaled version of the Reunion on Sunday, Sept. 20th from 10am - 2pm. This will be a 'drop-in event' to accommodate those who want to see some of the others. There will be no organized services or agenda.

The vote was about 50/50 for those wanting to have the Reunion and those wanting to wait until next year. For those who desire to get out and see those you have been missing, we are asking that you bring lawn chairs and other items necessary for an outdoor picnic while maintaining social distancing. If you are from an area with increasing Covid-19 cases and you have not taken the proper precautions, we would appreciate you not attending. If you are feeling unusually tired, weak, ill, running a temperature, have respiratory distress, or have any symptom consistent with Covid-19, we want you to see your doctor or other health professional and attend later when you are well and safe so you will not endanger others. If you are in a high-risk group, you may want to consider waiting until risks are minimized before attending or until a reliable cure or vaccine is available.

We are asking that all participants wear masks when in close proximity of others and to wear gloves to minimize body contact with surfaces others might touch. We need to minimize airborne vapors, skin contact, and risks as much as possible. And please, until it is safe to do so, no handshakes, hugs, or other displays of affection. We are also asking that you bring your own food, snacks, and drinks, as we will not be ‚Äėpot lucking‚Ä™ until it is safe to do so. Current guidelines do not allow the use of the same serving spoon or sharing from open containers. We will also be limited to the number of people in one area per State guideline for Sept. 20th. What this means is that some of us may have to cross the road and gather in the Picnic Area or separate to another area in the field around the Picnic Shelter. Currently, outdoor groups are limited to a maximum of 25.

We realize a lot of people may be disappointed with all of the changes and requirements and we share in your disappointment. No one wants to honor those buried on the North Shore or to share in fellowship with others more than we do. However, we need to observe all guidelines and safe practices to ensure both our safety and yours.

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Located on the north shore of Fontana Lake in Swain County, NC.  Now part of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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North Shore Cemeteries

Welcome to the official site of
The North Shore Cemetery Association and North Shore Historical Society

For your copy of “Growing up on Hazel Creek” call
$40.00 plus shipping

From Kate Marshall.

Kate has been doing DVD's "Voices of Cades Cove" about WNC and Eastern Tennessee. Below is an announcement about one of her Video's that received an award. It features a lot on Hazel Creek and Cades Cove Area. You can purchase one from her site or thru the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

DOUBLE WINNER! Kate Marshall Graphics is proud to announce they have won two international film awards for the latest in their mini-series, "Voices of Cades Cove, Part 8: Shattered Peace" at the 53rd Annual WorldFest Film Festival in 2020! This 2+ hour DVD program is a solid biographical piece featuring Witt, Andrew & Carter Shields, and the LeQuire, Sparks, Tipton, Oliver, Rowan, Caughron, Myers and Cable families (and more), and is presented with a Civil War slant. It takes place on the back part of the Cades Cove Loop Road located in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee. Other storytellers from organizations include T.J. Holland, Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians - Lisa Free and Butch McDade, National Park Service, Smokies - John Stewart narrating for National Park Service, Shiloh National Military Park - Peter Pisani, Blount County Historical Association - and live scenes from Resaca Civil War Reenactors, Georgia. © Kate Marshall Graphics, Inc. -